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Windows Performance Optimization

We make your PC run 50% faster!

What does 50% faster mean?

Our team of computer science students has developed optimization algorithms that can increase the performance (loading and navigation within windows and applications) of your computer. For this process we apply only software changes within Windows operating system, no extra hardware is needed. The optimization does not compromise security or stability of your system.

How does it work?

Every computer bought in a store or online has pre-installed software packages, that you don’t need. That is because of contracts between hardware and software companies to promote their products. These software products slow down your computer. If needed at all, we simply replace those products with better free software that run faster. Furthermore we use our optimzation scripts and tools to optimize Windows system settings for full performance. When re-installing a Windows system, we create customized Windows installation images that only install the packages you need for running Windows fast and smooth. Then, your computer will boot faster, run faster and run more stable.

Don’t other providers do something similar?

No! Online vendors sell computers for the masses. Customizing a computer for each customer is not feasable and too expensive.

Can’t I do it myself with software from the internet?

You can, but you will most likely break your system and you will not get such good results. We have spent years optimizing our tools and algorithms.

Will I notice a difference?

There are scientific laws within human-computer interaction that predict, which time differences in performance a user will notice. The 20% rule says that a user will notice if processes are increased in time efficiency by 20% or more.
¹Seow, Steven C., “Designing and Engineering Time – The Psychology of Time Perception in Software, 2008”

See by yourself!

Laptop before versus after our optimization

Dell Vostro 3700 (2010) – Core i3 2.13 GHz, 4 GB RAM, 500GB HDD
Sony Vaio PCG (2009) – P6200 dual core 2.13 GHz, 4 GB Ram, 500 GB HDD

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